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Women, the House Blend is made up of two Colombian coffees of the same variety but grown on different farms, different terroir, different processes and produced by different coffee growers. The Colombian Guanábanos gives us the fruity notes that together with the notes of chocolate and caramel from the Excelso gives us a very balanced cup profile and with a complexity that makes it very interesting. Different fermentation processes are being carried out with both coffees, which has further increased the quality of the coffees. In the case of Guanábanos, after harvesting, a 12-hour aerobic fermentation process is carried out in cherries. The next day the coffee is pulped, leaving a light layer of mucilage and fermented aerobically for 8 hours in tanks.

We call it “Mujeres” (Women) in honor to all of them, who have traditionally been dedicated to the coffee production and who continue to be the most invisible. Bluebell is committed to women and contributes to their recognition and empowerment.


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