We are Yolanda and Marian Valero. We love coffee as a way of expressing so many things: a commitment to our planet, a position into life and the time needed to taste without interference. That is why our coffee passes through the hands of innumerable people from the time it is created until it reaches our hands. Farmers sacrifice quantity for quality, so they grow varieties that are much more sensitive and less productive but of extraordinary quality.
In this process, we are committed to women who are protagonists from the plantation, with business and social models that fight against women’s precariousness and invisibility and whose projects are responsible with the territory. They only pick the coffee cherries when they are at their optimum point of ripeness, leading them to use manual techniques. Importers store coffee with an exhaustive control of the conditions and climatology of the warehouses.


We are in the final phase of this production and value chain, our job is to roast the coffee, and for this we use ancient techniques combined with the best modern techniques, always seeking the best production methods.

Our way of roasting is the opposite of what the mass consumption coffee industry has been doing in recent decades, which was basically roasting all coffee beans in the same way and performing very dark roasts to hide the defects of a raw material of very low quality. We give each bean a unique treatment, none is roasted in the same way and we carry out lighter yet strong enough roasts so that the coffee fully develops all its aromas and flavors. The resulting cup is unique, complex, balanced and very clean, in short a delight.