From the moment the coffee is planted until it is served, our coffee passes through the hands of innumerable people, all excellent in their field. Our coffee growers sacrifice quantity for quality, so they cultivate much more sensitive, less productive varieties. But these offer extraordinary quality.
Our coffee harvesters only pick the coffee cherries when they are at their optimum ripeness, so they do this manually. Our importers store the coffee, guaranteeing exhaustive monitoring of the conditions and climatology in their warehouses.


We are at the last phase of this production line and transfer of values. It is our job to roast the coffee. To do so we employ age-old techniques combined with the finest modern technologies, always seeking the optimum production methods.

Our method of roasting is different to that used by the commercial coffee industry in the last few decades. Basically they roast all their beans in the same way, relying on very dark roasts so as to hide the defects in their extremely low-quality raw ingredients. We treat each coffee bean uniquely. No two beans are roasted in the same manner. We opt for lighter roasts while ensuring they are sufficient for the coffee to develop all its aromas and tastes fully. This makes the resulting cup unique, complex, balanced and clean. In short, a delicacy.