El Jardín Colombia


Name: El Jardín

Producer:Juan Felipe Restrepo

Region: Caldas

Country: Colombia

Estate: Hacienda el Jardín

NOTES: mango, blueberry

PROCESS: Natural

VARIETY: Castillo

HEIGHT: 1400–1800 MAMSL

METHOD: Espresso

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Hacienda El Jardín has been in the Restrepo family for three generations. It is a majestic estate of 170 hectares on the outskirts of Manizales, Caldas.

They undertake a careful selection process by batches, prioritising the location of each coffee tree on the estate.

After exhaustive collection, a float process eliminates the least dense coffee cherries. Then anaerobic fermentation begins, which lasts 34 hours. Lastly, the coffee is put out to dry intermittently using mechanical means.


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1kg, 250g