Mukunga Estate




PRODUCER: Hanner Wanjiku Mukunga

TASTING NOTES: Honey, vanilla, white flowers, and citrus.

PROCESS: Washing.

VARIETY: Ruiru 11, SL28

ALTITUDE:1850-1880 m

BREWING METHOD: Filter/Espresso

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Most of the coffee trees on the farm were planted in the 1970s. The farm benefits from red volcanic soils and high annual precipitation, which are divided into two rainy seasons and two dry seasons each year.

The support of partners like Kahawa Bora helps farmers generate long-term profitability.

Most small farm owners have small-scale production, and before Kahawa Bora was established, they would blend the coffees from their farms before taking them to the mill. This meant that coffee from small farms was often anonymous, which also limited payment based on recognition or quality.

Kahawa Bora recognizes the importance of cultivating supportive relationships with coffee producers and roasters alike. The mill provides crucial services for the farmers and cooperatives they work with.

With the purchase of the Kahawa Bora mill, it is now even easier to maintain traceability intact from the individual farmer who grew the lot to the roaster. Additionally, small-scale owners can receive larger payments for their production and link their name to their coffees for consumers to see.

The farm is located in the Atlantic Forest Biome, which corresponds to 13.04% of the Brazilian national territory. Together with Flor de Café’s environmental team, the farm is being mapped, and native trees are being classified and cataloged.

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