Shere Khan


Region: Sumatra

Country: Indonesia

Cooperative: Ketiara

Notes: fresh tobacco, vanilla, maple syrup

VARIETAL: Catimor, Typica

ELEVATION: 1200 – 1500 msnm

PROCESS: Semi washed

METHOD: Espresso

ROAST: Medium

Category: SKU: N/A



This high-quality coffee belongs to the Ketiara cooperative, which means success in the Gayo language. It is made up of 90% women and has more than 900 small producers and producers, each of which owns about half a hectare. The Shere Khan is harvested in 8 neighboring villages located in Aceh Tengah, between 1,200 and 1,500 meters of altitude. A first harvest is made between September and November and a second between the months of March and April. All the coffees from this cooperative are 100% traceable and come exclusively from farms with organic certification. The farms are located in the Gayo Mountains, an area that combines mountains and tropical forests, with an exuberant flora that offers natural shade to the coffee trees: mimosas, pines, cedars and endemic tropical species. Monkeys, birds, reptiles, elephants and the famous Sumatran tigers are regulars here.

Shere khan is a semi washed coffee and the cherries are pulped and dry fermented for 8 hours. Subsequently, the husking is carried out through the wet method, which is a traditional process in Indonesia. The parchment is removed at a high moisture level, above 16%, then dries, and the grain turns a bright blue color.



We decided to support women producers by identifying their coffees with the WOMEN COFFEE logo. Why? because women play a vital role in the coffee industry, they have a strong participation in the farms, and represent more than 70% of the workforce in the fields, harvesting, classifying the beans…

However, only 10% of them are women entrepreneurs, and only 20% own land (including joint ownership with their spouses).

In addition, increasing the income of women producers has a direct and positive impact on the education of their children and the comfort of the home.

That is why we categorize this Sumatra, Shere Khan as a WOMEN COFFEE.

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