Cheka Lebu


Region: Jimma

Country: Etiopía

Farm: Fahem

Producer: Fahem

Notes: Floral, lime, honey and chocolate

VARIETAL: Heirloom

ELEVATION: 1900 msnm

PROCESS: Fully washed

METHOD:  Filter / Espresso

ROAST: Medium light

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Cheka Lebu is a coffee that is grown on the Fahem plantation, which is located in the Oromia region of the Jimma area of Ethiopia. Fahem is a family business of coffee growers, which in turn works with 670 farmers from the surrounding area, whose harvested coffee is processed at the Limmu washing station.

The farm has an extension of 200 hectares, with an altitude that goes from 1,855 meters above sea level to 1,958 meters above sea level. And it is located in one of the most lush and beautiful natural forest areas in the country, so the management of the plantation is completely respectful of the natural ecosystem in which it is located.

There are more than 15 species of trees on the plantation that also serve as shade trees for coffee. Fahem carries out a moderate management of the coffee trees, without chemical inputs and with an exclusively manual harvest.

For several years, Fahem has had exporter status, which allows it to sell its green coffee internationally, mainly to Australia, Europe, and the United States.

The name ‘Limmu’ is traditionally associated with washed coffee from the Jimma area, as this was the name of the first washing station in the region a few decades ago. By way of distinction, the natural coffees in this area are called “Jimma”, and are of the Heirloom varieties 74110 and 75227.



The Fahem company was founded 30 years ago, and is currently run by Mehbuba Seid. This family business began as a coffee picker business in the Jimma area before also becoming a coffee exporting business.

Its members take great care in producing, selecting and preparing high-quality coffees, including training the farmers who work on the farm and other adjoining farms.

Thanks to its rigorous work, the company has been distinguished with the Coffee Practices and UTZ seals, the latter corresponding to the certification for being part of the largest program for the sustainable cultivation of coffee and cocoa in the world.

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